7 Major Things Everyone Should Know About Nigeria Hype Awards

The aim of Nigeria Hype Awards is to continually honour and celebrate Nigerian students and youths who have contributed to the growth and development of arts, entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, media, and music across the nation.

Here are seven(7) major things you should know about Nigeria Hype Awards:

1. IT IS AIMED AT AWARDING AND CELEBRATING NIGERIAN STUDENTS AND YOUTHS: This means all Nigerian university students and youths are eligible to participate.

2. 60 AWARD CATEGORIES: Nigeria Hype Awards consists of 60 voting and nonvoting award categories for students and youths which covers various fields like achievements, arts, entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, media, and music.

Note: Award categories will be unveiled 18th November, 2017.

3. NOMINATION STARTS 1ST DECEMBER, 2017: Nomination for Nigeria Hype Awards is scheduled to start 1st December, 2017 and will end 30th December, 2017.

The procedures on how to nominate will be announced soon.

Note: A nominees list will be released after nominations which will comprise of all the selected nominees for each award categories.

4. A NOMINEES' PARTY WILL BE HELD PRIOR TO VOTING: A party will be organized for all selected nominees before the commencement of voting.

5. WINNERS WILL BE DECIDED THROUGH ONLINE VOTING: Voting starts immediately after the nominees’ party. Voting will be carried out on our official website (www.nigeriahypeawards.com) and nominee with the highest number of votes in each award categories wins.

6. CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION: A certificate of participation will be issued to all the nominees in each award categories.

7. ALL WINNERS WILL BE AWARDED AT THE GRAND EVENT: The grand event takes place after voting and all winners would be awarded.

A larger percentage of all campaign and publicity will be hosted on NIGERIA HYPE AWARDS social media pages so kindly stay glued!

Twitter: @NG_HypeAwards
Instagram: @NigeriaHypeAwards
BBM: 7B651852
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/nigeriahypeawards

For more enquiries and sponsorship,
Email: nigeriahypeawards@gmail.com
Hotlines: 08165927066, 08135503312, 09092027252.

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